Why iPad is not recommended for children from 0 – 6. From the perspective of the Montessori Method.

Why iPad is not recommended for children from 0 – 6. From the perspective of the Montessori Method.

* These recommendations refer to Montessori 3 hour work cycle.

1. Often iPad provokes the passive perception of information (I’m sitting-entertain me). It is the opposite of what happens in the classroom where the child gains knowledge as a result of independent actions.

2. Information obtained through iPad offers minimal sensory experience: parts of sensory perceptions are not involved (smell and touch). Also, not all sounds can be represented authentically, iPad produces a reproduction of the real sounds.

3. The modern culture that reflects through iPad applications does not always represent the reality-based characters. Children can discriminate the difference between reality and illusion only after six years of age.

4. The most important point is that the iPad is an instrument. Like any other instrument, it is made to assist the person to accomplish their work more efficiently. The main work of a child from 0-6 is to form their personality. The majority part of it is working on learning, developing, and mastering the skills of practical life. The iPad can not provide this type of experience and can be more of a distraction.
Source: Russian Montessori Society

Technology Use Guidelines for Children and Youth


Here is a great list of recommendations on how to make screen time beneficial in your home environment by Ryan Howard:

We’ve created a world where we’re constantly in touch and tapped into everything that’s going on. There are many good things—and many bad things—that go along with that. The one inarguable piece is that children are exposed to more screens, for a longer time, than they ever have been before.

Understanding what your ultimate goals should be for screen time for kids can help you make wise parental choices. These choices can help set your child up for the success you know they deserve and can achieve. Continue reading here.

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