Montessori Classroom Activities for 3-5 year olds.

I would like to share with you snapshots of our day in the Montessori classroom. Please forgive me for not including proper Montessori work photographs, like binomial cube or sound box activity. These are always there, and children continuously use them. In this particular post, I would like to share our new activities.
As part of our cultural study, we were talking about our state. On the news, we read that palaeontologists found dinosaur’s fossils in our region. Children were fascinated to learn how people discover bones and parts of dinosaurs and collect all the pieces together to get a whole picture. As an activity I set up a tub with sand, rocks and some pasta (for “bones”) with tools for kids to dig out pieces of “dinosaurs” put make a skeleton picture.

As an extension to this activity, I froze dinosaurs in water and children used hammer and nails to get those dinosaurs out. They enjoyed it so much as it was a great sensory activity as well. You should have seen their excitement when they got to get one of the dinosaurs out 🙂

Here is our silence activity. Children could take it to a mat if they wanted to have some quiet time.
Fine motor activity.
This is just one of the drawings of our kids – using metal insets.
Montessori Classroom Activity Shelves
An insect display with living grasshoppers, stick insects and ladybugs. This boosted kids’ curiosity like nothing else. For the whole week they did so many insect crafts, drawings, colourings, read insect books, were catching insects with nets outside. All children were driven. Loved it.
Special thanks to Janette D for generously sharing photos of her classroom!
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8 thoughts on “Montessori Classroom Activities for 3-5 year olds.”

  1. My kids love pretending to be paleontologists, especially my 6 year old son 🙂 But he loves anything to do with dinosaurs! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Great shelf inspiration!
    I found the same balance scale, it’s hard to see how big the scale is, how did it work out for the kids/toddlers?

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