Montessori Classroom Activities for Preschool Children.

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An amazing thing about teaching is that when you are on the ball and in your element it turns into an adventure that always evolves. The reason is that you deal with living beings, children who have their characters, ideas, thoughts which are so genuine, real and unique. Interaction with them is my favourite part of the day. There are a few things I learnt this week. One of them:  kids learn more effectively from people who are authentic.
Love is more than the electricity which lightens our darkness, more than the etheric waves that transmit our voices across space, more than any of the energies that man has discovered and learned to use. Of all things love is the most potent. All that men can do with their discoveries depends on the conscience of him who uses them. But this energy of love is given us so that each shall have it in himself.

Whenever we touch the child, we touch love. It is a difficult love to define; we all feel it, but no one can describe it’s roots, or evaluate the immense consequences which flow from it, or gather up its potency for union between men. Despite our differences of race, religion, and of social position, we have felt, during our discussions of the child, a fraternal union growing up between us… Love, like that which we feel for the child, must exist potentially between man and man, because human unity does exist and there is no unity without love.

                                                                                                                 – Maria Montessori

making Autumn patterns on the lightbox
Flower arranging ..
Our Montessori Classroom Shelves..





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