Montessori Inspired Games and Activities for 11-month-old baby

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 Here are our recent activities. Isn’t it amazing to watch them grow and learn at such a great pace! Taking my girl to Montessori Children’s house two days a week has really facilitated in boosting her interaction skills, her ability to adapt. It’s been so amazing to see her attached to other wonderful people. 

The crawling tunnel is made out of chairs and a blanket with a soft toy at the end. Good for introducing positional language and gross motor skills. “Treasure” box with a surprise.

a turtle toy in a red box

Water play with shells with beetroot juice as a water colouring.

red liquid in a bowl

Bracelet activity. This encourages the child to cross hands which is very beneficial for brain development! It can take a while for the child that young to learn the concept, but with a few demonstrations and patience, they will master it very soon.

round brass bangle in round box

Puzzle. My girl loves it. View on Amazon a great Animal touch and feel puzzle.

bee figure sun figure flower figure and frog figure on mat

Egg and a cup. She did it!!! She even can place the egg in a cup from a standing position 

 Being successful with it makes her very proud.

wooden egg on wooden egg cup

Shape and a box. My little lady mastered this one as well. She can work with it for ages. I mean for a good 5 minutes of solid concentration.View on Amazon Montessori Box and Red Cylinder

cube toy with cross cut hole and cross piece to put through hole

Lockbox is her favorite. This will entertain our girl for a few years to come. I love how it has many different details.

View on Amazon a beautiful Wooden Barn Latch Box

hinge latch toy with different coloured doors and different style and sized hinge latches

Сoloгr matching. Oh, she made me proud. Once I saw her collecting only red pieces in a bucket, leaving the rest of the colors behind.

placemat with wooden crate and small red and small green glass cup with matching coloured pieces in each
plastic white bucket with various coloured connecter pieces in the bucket and spread out around the bucket

Doll with a hat. Our baby girl was shown how to put a hat on a doll. She enjoys doing it now all on her own.

hand made toy doll with red hat and pink and black flower and polka dot shirt and flower pattern skirt

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