Montessori Inspired Games and Activities for 11-month-old baby.

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Here are our recent activities. Isn’t it amazing to watch them grow and learn at such a great pace! Taking my girl to Montessori Children’s house two days a week has really facilitated in boosting her interaction skills, her ability to adapt. It’s been so amazing to see her attached to other wonderful people.

#Crawling tunnel made out of chairs and a blanket with a soft toy at the end. Good for introducing positional language and gross motor skills.
#A “treasure” box with a surprise.


#Handmade bugs that hang from the wall. The child pulls the string down and the wings spread. Cute and kids love it.


# water play with shells with beetroot juice as a water colouring.
# Bracelet activity. This encourages the child to cross hands which is very beneficial for brain development! It can take a while for the child that young to learn the concept, but with a few demonstrations and patience, they will master it very soon.
# Puzzle. My girl loves it.
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# Egg and a cup. She did it!!! She even can place the egg in a cup from a standing position 🙂 Being successful with it makes her very proud.


# Shape and a box. My little lady mastered this one as well. She can work with it for ages. I mean for a good 5 minutes of solid concentration.


# Lockbox is her favourite. This will entertain our girl for a few years to come. I love how it has many different details.

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# Colour matching. Oh, she made me proud. Once I saw her collecting only red pieces in a bucket, leaving the rest of the colours behind.

# Doll with a hat. Our baby girl was shown how to put a hat on a doll. She enjoys doing it now all on her own.

That’s us this month. All the best to you and your little person!
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