Transportation Montessori Printables

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This giveaway has ended! You can find Transportation Printable Unit here.

Thank you for checking out my Montessori Transportation Printable Activities. I started to make printables to help to support my family, but I do like to offer them as a gift for you, my beautiful readers. The reason I picked  Transportation theme is because I heard a lot recently people saying that they struggle to engage their boys in literacy and numbers activities.  While I believe that every child develops at their own pace, sometimes all they need is some encouragement to spark their curiosity and desire to learn numbers and letters while learning more about transport (which boys usually LOVE). I remember one gorgeous boy in my classroom, who agreed to participate in reading activities just because he knew there was a picture of jet. This is how he ended up learning to read. So I hope these will be a useful addition to your resources.
Montessori Transportation Printable Unit contains:






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4 thoughts on “Transportation Montessori Printables”

  1. I teach a class of 8 boys with learning differences. This would be a wonderful unit to wrap of the school year!

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