Telling Time with Free Printables. Resources for the Montessori Classroom.

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This week I would like to focus on free printables which teach children to tell time and the concept of time. Comprehending the concept of time is a process that comes to children naturally as they grow. Clocks and watches become an essential part of their day, they observe morning changing into the afternoon and into the evening, they observe seasons and they wait with excitement to celebrate their birthdays which they know comes once a year. When celebrating a birthday in the Montessori classroom the child gets the understanding of time thought celebration of life. He carries a glob around the circle while the rest of the group sings the Montessori birthday song. Every classroom tends to create their own version of birthday celebration.
Here are two great examples of birthday celebrations in the Montessori classroom!

Racheous has a beautiful free printable for Montessori New Year and Birthday Celebration.
Kids Come Together has a wonderful way to teach children about time with New Year’s Time Capsule with Free Printable!
Another way to teach concepts of time was through creating together with children daily routine. I aim to make it child-led. We discuss out routine with them and draw on the board what happens and the sequence of events. Later they help me to take photos of different parts of our day, like morning tea, outside play, Montessori time, etc. After that, we create a routine chart with a time attached to every part of the day.
I Can Teach My Child has a similar concept and she shares her free printable with readers.
Kids Activities Blog has a great idea for teaching about Units of Time with free printable!
There are great Montessori resources with fantastic ideas to teach time.
Making Montessori Ours: Clock, Time and Calendar Work
Montessori on a Budget: Montessori Free & Affordable Clock Activities for Telling Time with free printables
You can create your OWN clock printables at Time Worksheets website
There is a great number of free time resources at Sparkle Box
You also can make your own clock face with this printable from Minieco ‘Tell the time’ clock // free printable
If you are looking for blank clock faces, jump to this page.
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