Teaching Geography in the Montessori Classroom

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In our Montessori classroom, the children learn about our world, space, planets, continents, land and water forms, etc. Here are a few activities we offer to spark children’s curiosity. 


Compass activity. After demonstrating a three-part lesson on parts of the world -North, South, East, and West, we engage the children in fun activity incorporating their knowledge of parts of the world and maths by giving them directions, for example: “make 3 steps North, 2 steps  West, 1 South, then 4 East”. You can download free printable here

 The child traces and then paints all seven continents using The World Map Puzzle

Flag ActivityYou can find great free flag coloring sheets and animal cards here. Here is a great resource  for making your own flag printables.

(photo credit: Janette Dunne) 


Learning about animals of the worldThis is a wonderful resource for animals of the continents free printables: Africa Asia Europe Antarctica Australia North America South America

If you are looking for great replica animals for your continent boxes, you can find them here:Arctic AnimalsNorth American AnimalsDesert AnimalsRainforest AnimalsOcean AnimalsInsects River Animals 


Continents coloring activity. You can find free Continents color in printable here. 

Continents 3-Part Cards. Join and download free 3 – part Continent Cards here

  Montessori World Map with Flags. This activity can be too challenging for children on its own. We usually provide Flag Book to facilitate them to search for a country and find it on the map. 

Water Air Land Activity. You can find free Land Water Air Printables here  

 Four Seasons of the Year Cards. This activity was put together by our teachers, however, you can find a free printable resource in our Subscriber Library. Join here. 

 Minerals and Rocks Matching activity. You can find a great resource here. 

 When talking about Hawaii, we learned about volcanoes. This time, we made this volcano replica together with the children using homemade clay, paints, and other craft materials. I hope you were inspired! Visit Montessori Nature resources:North America ResourceSouth America ResourceWorld Continents and Continents In Pictures A note of gratitude to the wonderful teachers of Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House, for their gorgeous room setups, and their endless love and dedication to working with children

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