Supporting Cultural Diversity in the Montessori Classroom.

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Our Montessori Classroom always reflects diversity and connection to the world through hands-on activities. The children receive an opportunity to learn cultural foundations of other peoples and nations, respect their traditions and appreciate cultural differences. Maria Montessori was a truly passionate advocate for peace in the world. Promoting diversity, understanding and implementing value of different cultures teaches children to accept and respect people and their traditions from all over the world.
Visual prompts, display of symbols that represent different countries, practical activities allow children to open up their minds and hearts towards someone who may be a little different and appreciate them.  We celebrate cultural events together, like Chinese New Year, invite people from different backgrounds to make presentations of their folk music a dances, read their stories and listen to native music in different languages. We encourage parents to come and share about the places they have come from and introduce children to their foods, show photos, etc. We always cook foods together that come from different countries, like making sushi, pizza, cakes, fried rise, salads.

 (photo credit: Janette Dunne)
National Costumes Around the World Matching Activity


Aboriginal Flag Colouring Activity
Learning about Japan
Nations of the World Puzzle (photo credit: Janette Dunne)


Display of the Aboriginal Culture (photo credit: Janette Dunne)

Flag Matching Activity (photo credit: Janette Dunne)

You can find great free flag colouring sheets and animal cards here.

Here is a great resource for making your own flag printables.
A note of gratitude to wonderful teachers of Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House, for their gorgeous room set ups ,  and their endless love and dedication to working with children

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