Sums with Bead Bars – Clip Cards and Worksheets with Teen Numbers – Free Math Printable

This sums with clip cards math printable would be especially helpful for children who are working on teen number recognition and addition.

I find it helpful for children to write the corresponding numbers below bead bars when they work with sums.

These task cards can be used for clipping the correct sum.

As a variation, you may like to print and cut number cards, laminate, and attach velcro to them. Invite the children to place corresponding numbers and circle the correct sum.

This way you will add an additional challenge for little fingers to the task.

Sums with Bead Bars

You are also invited to download worksheets with 32 sums.

There are a couple of different ways you may decide to use this printable. One way is to print our worksheets or cut them to make task cards. Offer to your students to complete one, two, or all sums. They might want to color the bead bars with corresponding colors or just use their learner pencil.

Another way is to laminate or use plastic sleeves. Gather dry erase pens and reuse your worksheets/task cards in the future.

sums with bead bars free math worksheets

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