Strong Roots Produce Beautiful Leaves (Free Printable)

Kid gifts are made with love and care, they brighten up parent’s day like nothing else. This card is a wonderful reminder of a special bond that exists between parents and children. No matter what happens in life, children will flourish with support from strong figures in their lives.

This card will definitely put a smile on mom’s, dad’s, grandpa’s, or grandma’s face. I included a couple of different versions of the card, but each carries this meaningful message – “Strong roots produce beautiful leaves”. I picked up this idea from an amazing teacher I used to work with. There are two black and white pages for a child to color in the tree using different pencils, paint, or make a craft using craft materials and decorate it according to their taste and artistic imagination, for example,

There is space for a child to draw his or her face and faces of their favorite people. Photos can be used instead. I suggest printing cards on cardstock or laminated in the desired format – as a card or gift tag. These are perfect for St. Valentine’s Day or Grandparents’ Day celebration.

Strong Roots printable is a subscriber freebie. It means that this printable is free for you to download for personal use after you subscribe. Along with the Strong Roots printable you will find many other freebies!

  About Anastasia. Anastasia is the founder of Montessori Nature, a blog about Montessori - inspired and Nature-based explorations. She taught in a Montessori setting for 10 years and has been practicing the Montessori way of learning and living for the last 19 years. She loves designing engaging educational printables for children. Learn more here. 

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