Spring Hands-on Activities for Preschool Children

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In our classroom, the change of season or special occasion generated elevated excitement as children always anticipated finding freshly prepared materials on the shelves. For that reason, I gathered a collection of Spring themed hands-on individual activities for your preschool students.

Spring vocabulary cards for the memory or match-up games, storytelling startups and for building sentences.

Classifying cards with birds, bees and butterflies.

I spy with my little eye game

Size grading activity. Draw corresponding numbers on the back for the child’s self-check.

Russian matryoashka lacing/sewing cards

Number puzzles from 1 – 5, 1-10, dot counting 1-10, 10-1, 11-20

Russian matryoshka matching cards. Invite your student to create some of their own.

Gardening themed  fine motor activity on number recognition with pegs

Sorting activity with animals and plants

Nature adventure hunt, and nature walk checklist.

Pre-writing exercise

Rainbow matching shapes and colors

Garden themed shiluette matching cards – memory game. This game is great for children under three.

Coloring puzzles

Word puzzles for spelling out three-letter  phonetic words

Language puzzles for reinforcing alphabet sequencing skills

Cutting activity with color and black and white images for coloring

Handwriting practice with baby animal names *(cursive option is included as well)

I hope my hands-on activities shared with you in the post will light a spark in your students’ eyes! You can find them all in one pack here: Spring Preschool Activities.

I also invite you to check out my Montessori Spring Pack for children aged 3-6:

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