Skip Counting Student Helper Posters and worksheets – free math printables

Skip counting is an important math skill for students to master. It has many implementations in real-life situations when children learn to tell time or count money.

Skip Counting Montessori Free Printable

Children learn to observe number patterns and gain stronger number sense. It also indirectly prepares them for the time when they are going to be working with multiplication facts.

Color versions are student helper posters. Students can use these as a reference as they fill in numbers or answer keys.

Print worksheets and laminate if you wish for students to use dry erase markers to complete the tasks. Cut them up but it’s not necessary. These can be used as a stand-alone activity or in combination with the bead bars.

To download the Skip Counting subscriber freebie, visit Resource Library and scroll down to the Math, DIY and Posters section.



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