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You are invited to download the Signs of Fall in Nature poster, matching cards, coloring pages, cards, and children’s books.

This resource will inspire your young learners ages 3-6 to observe changes that take place in the natural environment.

Signs of fall in nature montessori nature free printables preschool

Here is what’s included:

  • Signs of fall
  • poster
  • poster minus images
  • images
  • blackline poster
  • cards
  • student booklet

Please note that printable Signs of Autumn cards are also included with this resource.

Signs of fall in nature montessori nature free printables preschool

Age: Preschool ages 3 – 6 years

Subjects and uses in the classroom:  Autumn, Nature Table, Science Centers, Fine motorPrewriting

signs of autumn in nature

Autumn is marked by a stunning array of colours in nature, with trees shedding their leaves to reveal browns, oranges, yellows and reds. Birds and mammals start to prepare for the upcoming winter by hoarding food and building nests for hibernation. Harvest season begins, with crops of apples, pumpkins, and corn ready to be harvested. The days grow shorter, and the air starts to get cooler, with the occasional misty morning. The fragrance of wood smoke and the sight of ripe berries on bushes all signal the arrival of autumn, a magical time of year.

How to use this resource

Gather nonfiction children’s books about fall for children to explore.

Use these nature materials to kick start a group conversation about different signs of fall arriving the children have observed outdoors already.

Gather nature objects like pine cones and leaves to use along with the cards for your nature corner.

I always keep in mind that learning needs can be different in multi-age classrooms. Hence this printable contains a poster and matching cards you can use with younger children for matching.

Older children can be invited to make My Books of Signs of Fall in Nature. Color cards can be printed twice for a memory game or for 3-part card activity. They also will be a lovely addition to your Nature Table display.

Signs of fall in nature montessori nature free printables

Autumn Learning Resources and Children's Books

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