Process Art for Children Inspired by Claude Monet

A child’s perception of art at young preschool age is often a blank canvas. It is wonderful to be able to spark inspiration using the creations of great artists, like Monet.

My little artist is only three, this means that she benefits the most from art experiences that allow her to create through discovering and exploring without adult direction and the final result is not as important as a process.

I prepared her art space – which a part of our homeschooling routine – and offered her to use various manipulatives – loose parts to create her interpretation based on Monet’s painting “Water Lilies”.

I attached a print of the painting to a tray and let A. use these manipulatives as she wished. I love using natural materials and loose parts for open-ended play since it helps to engage the sense of touch and vision. I incorporated painting so later we can look closely at the creations of great artists using Montessori Art materials.

For example, this material looks amazing.  “Child-Size Masterpieces” “contains postcard-size images of paintings from all periods of art history.

Chosen to appeal to young children, each reproduction is colour-coded and imprinted on the back with title, artist, and the step and level for which the image may be used”. Artists included in this set: Renoir, Van Gogh, Durer, American School, Miro, Matisse, Goya, Chagall, Degas, Manet, Mondrian, Audubon, Kandinsky, Cezanne.

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4 thoughts on “Process Art for Children Inspired by Claude Monet”

  1. Love this project! Can you please share where you got the Monet Water Lilies page you used for this process art activity?
    Thank you.

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