World Continents – Photo Cards

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Geography folder for all seven continents and 3 part continent cards. Great for the Montessori classroom.

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This resource contains:

1) 3-part cards with the 7 continents;
Continent Picture Cards of the 7 Continents (Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, North America, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania, Oceania or Australasia)

2) Beautiful, large and engaging pictures of the continents – a great point for discussion and open the window to the world, support cultural diversity. Ten cards and 1 label card for each of the continents.
A great collection of picture cards to represent different unique aspects of the continents.
Original cards are in A4 format. However, you may choose to print two or four pages on one sheet for a smaller size.
Bind each continent set into a book or store in a continent folder.

80 pages

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