Summer Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

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Summer Montessori Unit for children aged 3-6.
Summertime in nature presents plenty of opportunities for explorations and learning. This pack will provide your students with hours of Summer themed engaging activities that will assist them in developing fine motor skills, number recognition, reading, logical thinking.
Color Sorting with Insects (red, blue, yellow, green, black, and brown) – sorting hands-on activity featuring clear photographs and images (five per color) of insects. Encourage children to conduct conversations based on their personal experiences and observations.
Five Senses and self-assessment sheet – sorting hands-on activity  – features five beautiful photographs for each of the five senses.
Parts of the Dragonfly Three Part Cards and Student Booklet with cursive, print for tracing and blank for independent writing.
Life Cycle of the Dragonfly Three-Part Cards and a Poster. Feature clipart and photographs.
I Spy Summer – counting activity  – features watercolor clipart
Counting 1-20 – counting activity with number labels and matching cards – feature watercolor clipart
Animal Pollinators Three Part Cards and letter size poster feature photographs
Types of Seashells and Starfish Three Part Cards that complement seashell store-bought sets. (See the product description to learn more).

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