Spring Preschool Pack

USD $7.00

Engaging pack with spring-themed printable activities for children aged 3-5 that supports student’s development in reading, sight words recognition, pre-reading skills, classification, counting, fine motor skills, cutting skills, concentration, helps to build vocabulary and get active in nature. Download preview here.

Spring Pack for Preschoolers contains:
Vocabulary Cards with 24 photographic cards. One set with pictures only, one with words and pictures, one with print and one with cursive tracing.
I Spy – three mats with clear spring-themed photographs for identifying initial sounds (23 letters in total).
Rainbow Sorting Set with Shapes – choose a set with six or seven colors.
Garden themed shadow matching – 9 pairs featuring clipart.
Math and language puzzles – 5 math and 12 language puzzles.
0-10 Counting Peg Cards – 11 cards featuring clipart.
Grading activity – three sets of 10 cards for grading and sorting featuring clipart.
Nature Walk checklist
Coloring Puzzles – 4 puzzles for students to cut, glue and color.
Handwriting Practice – three A4 handwriting worksheets for tracing.
Cutting Strips – two sets of cutting strips (one black and white for coloring).
Shadow matching – 18 cards in total featuring clipart.
Print and Cursive tracing exercise with baby animal names – featuring clear photographs of 15 different baby animals.
Bird, butterfly, bee categorizing and sorting – 3 mats and 9 photographs for each set.
Plant and animal sorting activity – 14 photographs for sorting.
Matryoshka matching – 8 cards.
Matryoshka lacing – 2 cards.
70 pages

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