Food Preschool Pack – “I am a Chef”

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Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-5. “I am a Chef” activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children. Students will practice one-to-one correspondence, letter formation, spelling, tracing, cutting, identifying sounds and sight words, widen their vocabulary, work on storytelling, practice fine motor skills and hand muscles, developing logical thinking, and so much more.

 Here is what’s included:
  • Instructions and activity variations
  • Letter formation (n,w,q,o,y)
  • Sight words (10 words)
  • “I Spy” initial sound game
  • Foods That Go Together – logical thinking matching cards (12 pairs)
  • Matching whole foods and their halves (16 pairs)
  • My Recipe – story writing sheet
  • Apple Life Cycle – sequencing activity
  • Cookie shapes – cards for matching halves (14 shapes)
  • Measuring and fraction identification – a simple matching activity for working with pegs/counters
  • Finish the Pattern – 5 pattern card strips with macarons
  • I Can Rhyme – 6 rhyming pairs
  • How Many Ingredients Are There? – counting activity with 15 different recipe cards
  • I Can Eat a Rainbow – color matching cards (6 colors, 4 food cards for each)
  • In the Kitchen 3 part cards – vocabulary cards (70 objects that belong in the kitchen)
  • Fraction activity – 6 card strips
  • Cooking vocabulary – word building and tracing activity (ten verbs)
  • Meal Plan – sorting foods Breakfast vs. Lunch vs. Dinner vs. Snack (20 examples for each)
The printable features realistic clipart and photographs.
147 pages
This pack is suitable for K and preschool students.
This pack is included with the Preschool Activity Planner Month Two. Learn more

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