Farm Pack for Preschool

USD $4.50

  • Printable is made with hand-drawn watercolor clipart and have beautiful soft pastel tones
  • This printables includes 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.
  • Activities included: Silhouette activity, Preposition Cards, Vocabulary Cards, 3-Part Cards, Find the other half, Number Activity, Fine Motor pin poking activity, Colour Wheel activity.

Farm Pack is designed for preschool-aged students. Children are generally found of animals, especially ones that they have more frequent encounters with – animals that live on the farm. This printable incorporates elements created with the help of watercolors and have beautiful soft pastel tones. All images are realistic. There are various activities made to assist the child in developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, learning new vocabulary and practicing to identify colors.

Activities included:

Silhouette activity

Preposition activity

Vocabulary Cards

3-Part Cards

Find the other half

Number Activity

Fine Motor pin poking activity

Color Wheel activity

This printables includes 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.

Please, note that due to differences in printers and toners – the colors may vary. I recommend to place activity sheets on metal cookie trays and stick sticky magnet strips to the back of the animal cards.

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