Emotions and Feelings – Printable Activities

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I was always passionate about teaching children to understand their emotions and being empathetic towards each other. It inspired me to create this teaching resource.


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Teaching Feelings and Emotions Pack for students aged 3-6 includes:
– Sorting activity with 10 different feelings/emotions (curious, happy, loved, lonely, sad, scared, silly, confused, angry, shy). Children are encouraged to match pictures to particular emotions.
– Emotions Montessori 3-Part Cards with 10 different emotions: curious, happy, loved, lonely, sad, scared, silly, confused, angry, shy. It also encourages children to guess the reasoning behind feelings. Children are encouraged to name familiar emotions and learn to recognize familiar words.
– Printable for children: “My Emotions Book”. Children reflect on their learning by naming and drawing emotions on faces.
20 pages


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