Desert Animals (North America) – Safari Toob 3 Part Cards – Editable


  • The editable version is included! Download and translate into a different language before printing.
  • Three-part cards with 11 images for the object to photo matching activity. The printable features clear real-life photographs.
  • Includes a set of Desert (North America) vocabulary cardshorned lizard, mountain lion, scorpion, roadrunner, bighorn sheep, armadillo, rattlesnake, prairie dog, coyote, bobcat, saguaro cactus.
  • Three part cards are an excellent tool to help children interactively learn new vocabulary and spelling. 
  • Designed to match Safari Desert TOOB (affiliate link)

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6 pages

Three part cards are an excellent tool to help children interactively learn new vocabulary and spelling.

Cards measure:
label and picture card: 11×7.5cm or 4.3″x3″
picture card: 8.7×7.5 cm or 3.4″x3″
label card: 2.3×7.5 cm or 1″x3″

Designed to match Safari Ltd Desert TOOB

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The printable is suitable for children aged 2-4

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File Type: Compressed Zip File

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