CVC Reading, Writing Cards and Word Puzzles

USD $8.00

Reading and handwriting practice with CVC phonetic word puzzles, 3-part cards, student booklets, and spelling workmats (cursive and print).
This set of resources is designed to complement Montessori Pink Series, level 1 reading materials.
Print and cursive handwriting and reading practice versions available for short -a-, -e-, -i-, -o- ,-u- (12 words for each middle sound set)
 Each set contains (blue/red and black ):
word puzzles with real photographs
3-part cards with real photographs
student booklets for coloring, tracing, and handwriting (clipart)
initial/last sound and spelling workmats (color and black and white clipart)

220 pages

The printable is suitable for K, Grade 1 students.

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