Children’s Watercolour Calendar Mobile With Moon Phases

USD $2.30

  • This calendar will be a beautiful addition to your classroom! It is a wonderful help for your calendar morning routine.
  • Montessori and Nature inspired Calendar Mobile for children in PDF form
  • Features Sun, Earth and Moon, Editable Year, Date, Day, Month, Season, Weather and Moon Phases
  • Watercolour clipart
  • Suitable for the Northern and Southern hemispheres


  • Five pages.
  • The editable version is also included in case you would like to translate it into our own language
  • Instructions:

Customize the calendar according to your preference. For example, start your week with Monday / Sunday, use moon phases and first season of the year according to the hemisphere you live it, use ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’, remove weather labels that are not relevant to your region (e.g. ‘snowy’) or add them according to the season you are in.
Use black rounds with blu tack to cover dates at the end of the month when needed.
This PDF file is editable. It means you can use it for many years to come. Reprint the first page and type in the current year.
As a recommendation – use paper clips to point to the current day, month, season, weather and moon phase. Use black round with blu tack to cover the current date.

Print on cardstock and laminate. Cut cards out. Use a hole puncher to make holes and thread using something like natural jute yarn or binder rings.

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