Butterfly Pack

USD $10.00

  • Collection of butterfly themed printable hands-on activities
  • Great for the Montessori classroom
  • Cards, posters, student booklets, coloring pages
  • Printable features real photos
  • Made to match figurine toys
  • Pre-reading, reading, fine-motor, writing, sequencing, vocabulary
  • Addition to Spring Unit,
  • Reading, Science, Arts
  • 50+ pages
  • Age: 2-5


Butterfly Montessori Unit for children aged 2-5.

Hands-on activities, three-part- cards, nature table posters, coloring pages, student booklets.

Three-part cards match  Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB and Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly


Life Cycle – three-part cards, poster, coloring pages – features photos

Parts of the Butterfly – three-part cards, student booklet (cursive and print handwriting practice, plus blank version) – features clipart

Types of Butterflies – three-part cards plus a definition card

Butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis cards  – sorting activity for pre-k students

Butterflies of the continents – sorting activity. Labels and posters are included

Close-up cards – matching activity featuring photos of gorgeous butterfly patterns

Metamorphosis cards – beautiful display cards and activity cards feature four butterflies. Can be used with hook and loop dots.

Pin Poking print out – four different shapes of butterflies for pin poking activity

Butterflies in Art – twelve stunning paintings featuring butterflies. Create a book for children to look at or print twice for matching activity for pre-k students.

Cutting Strips – cutting practice for pre-k and kindergarten students

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