Biomes of the World | Nature Curriculum in Cards

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Major Biomes of the World is a set of 3-part cards, information posters, and worksheets for students to learn about the major biomes of the world.  It includes a map, 3-part card activities, descriptions, follow-up coloring, handwriting, and sorting activities.

The printable features photographic images and clipart (as a part of student worksheets).

Major Biomes of the World Printable includes:

  • Map of World’s Biomes
  • Information poster What is a biome?
  • Work mats with eight major biomes (tundra, taiga, rainforest, desert, wetland, grassland, deciduous forest, ocean)
  • Corresponding picture and label cards
  • Two work mats with descriptions
  • Student printouts with clipart for coloring, print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for practicing handwriting.
  • Biome Research printouts
  • Biomes – sorting activity (three photographs for each of the eight biomes)
  • Animal habitats – sorting activity (5 animal clipart cards of each of the six biomes) and student printout for self-check
  • My Animal Habitat Book printout
    40 pages

This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series.

The printable is suitable for children aged 4-8.

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