Beginning Sound Alphabet Books in Cursive

USD $4.00

Alphabet activity picture cards for practicing initial sounds.
There are two sets included with this resource – 1) color 2) black and white coloring set with 3 clipart pictures for each beginning sound.


Print all 26 color pages and laminate or insert each in a reusable pocket sleeve to assemble an Alphabet Book.
Assemble all coloring student copies in one Alphabet Book for each student to work at their own pace or invite your students to work with individual sounds, color each sound, trace and copy letters, color pictures that start with this sound, cut and assemble in a sound book.
Print, cut each individual color card and make beginning sound books for each of the sounds.
Choose 3-5 sound sets at a time for a sorting activity.
You may decide to print each card twice to use with memory game or match-up activity.
This resource is also available in Picture Cards & in Print
52 pages
The printable is suitable for children aged 3-5

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