Australia / Oceania Resource Pack

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This pack is a labor of love! I worked very hard on collecting information about Australia and Oceania which I believe children find fascinating. It will help gain deeper knowledge about this amazing region of the world.

Australia/ Oceania resource pack contains:

20 + Australia/Oceania Introduction Cards

4 Maps of Australia with states territories and their flags

Land and Water Forms of Australia/Oceania Sorting Activity:
island/lake, cape/bay, peninsula/gulf, strait/isthmus, the system of lakes/archipelago.

20 Animals of Australia / Oceania Nomenclature Cards.

20 Fact Cards – Animals of Australia / Oceania

Parts of a Koala Nomenclature Cards with definitions and “Parts of a Koala” Book Printable

Life cycle of a koala printouts

Animals of the Great Barrier Reef for matching with labels

Australian Children’s Rhymes Book with 7 classic Australian Children’s Rhymes

60 pages

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