Preschool Process Art Inspired by Kandinsky

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Art masterpieces are an incredible source of learning opportunities. Through studying and discussing art children learn to pay attention to small details, colors, use of space, shapes, and creativity.

Among pictures of masterpieces that we received from Montessori By Mom with the Art Appreciation toolbox my daughter especially loved painting done by Wassily Kandinsky – a Russian artist. Kandinsky also was a musician and often drew his inspiration from music. Kandinsky said: “each color lives by its mysterious life.” You can notice that his work is filled with vivid colors, various shapes, and lines – which is a perfect inspiration for a young child.


His painting inspired us to look into the use of shapes in art and in everyday life. Montessori Shape Workbook included in Montessori by Mom toolbox was a great way to start. It presented different forms that we can easily find in our environment.


After reading the book, A was ready to create a picture using different shapes. We turned on classical music and prepared all our tools:

– picture of Kandinsky’s painting that A chose
– shapes cut out of color paper
– glue and brush
– a mini-masterpiece on a mini isle taken from the Art Appreciation Toolbox


Later A was happy to extend this activity using colorful shapes – Designer Blocks. It brought a new dimension and gave an opportunity to reinforce the idea of using shapes for creativity.


I love this aspect of Montessori Art education when children learn to appreciate classic works of art because children get a glimpse into the world of great artists and their inner life by studying their work from early childhood.
My girl thoroughly enjoyed this process. How do I know? Because she kept telling me that she would like to make a picture inspired by Kandinsky almost daily.
We both enjoyed this process a lot and will continue looking for inspiration from the masterpieces of great artists.


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