Ladybug Learning Activities Printable

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Ladybug-themed printable for preschool students is a great resource to prepare in time for Spring and Summer seasons. Children often get fascinated by these gentle little creatures.

They will enjoy learning about its life cycle and anatomy.  

Pin Ladybug Preschool Learning Activities Montessori Nature Free Printable

Here is what’s included

  • Zip folder with two sets of printables – one features ‘ladybug’ (American version) and the second –  ‘ladybird’ (British version)
  • Life cycle 3 part cards 
  • Preposition words – 3 part cards
  • Parts of a Ladybug poster, label cards, and poster for inserting label cards
  • Student ‘Parts of a Ladybug’ blackline booklet
  • ‘l is for ladybug’ tracing worksheet
  • Pre-writing exercise

Age: Preschool ages 3 – 6 years

Subjects and uses in the classroom: Nature Table, Science Centers, Fine motor, Prewriting, Extension work for the parts of a ladybug Montessori puzzle.

How to Use:

Parts of a ladybug – Gather books on ladybugs for children to explore. Print posters and label cards on cardstock and laminate. Cut individual label cards.

Attach clear velcro to the poster without labels and label cards. Introduce the poster – name all parts and invite the students to share their thoughts on the various functions of each part.

If children have trouble pronouncing difficult terms – invite them to clap and count syllables in the word and say it slowly, e.g. pro-no-tum.
Then read each label and invite the student to match it to the corresponding part of the ladybug’s body. Print and cut student booklet pages, staple to make a book.

Invite the child to color and label each part or dictate naming each part for you to write it down.

‘L is for ladybug’ worksheet and prewriting exercise – print on cardstock and laminate. Supply an erasable marker. Invite the child to trace the letter ‘l’ and exercise lines.

Ladybug life cycle – print on cardstock, laminate (optional), and cut cards. Gather life cycle figurines. Name each stage of the cycle as you lay down the cards.

Shuffle and invite the child to lay them in the correct sequence and place figurines on the correct picture. Then lay control cards in a row and picture and label cards below. Invite the child to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word.   

You may also like to invite one of the students to explain the life cycle sequence of a ladybug to his or her peers using cards or figurines. 

Preposition cards – print on cardstock, laminate (optional), and cut. Gather a ladybug figurine and a flower (plastic, made out of felt or a real flower).  Present one card at a time and invite the child to position the ladybug accordingly. Switch turns. 

ladybug printables


Insects and Crawling Creatures Preschool Pack

insects and crawling creatures

Insects and Crawling Creatures learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. The invertebrate animals-themed activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.

Students will practice building tens, work on strengthening their hand muscles with cutting, and push pinning exercises, practice identifying colors, work on developing logical thinking with sorting and matching activities, learn about the types of minibeasts, spider life cycle, parts of a honey bee, different types of beetles, broaden their vocabulary, and so much more.

The printable features true-to-life images and photographs.

Here is what’s included:

  • Montessori cards with 12 parts of a honey bee and b&w student booklet for tracing and independent writing.
  • Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies.
  • Spider Life Cycle 3 Part Cards and B&W Student Booklet
  • Insects and Crawling Creatures fine motor learning activities that are a perfect addition to Spring and Summer Units.
  • 20 x bingo cards with 19 different types of beetles
  • 19 x call cards
  • Three-part cards and information cards with 27 different types of minibeasts – invertebrate animals that young children often find fascinating.
  • Insects and Crawling Creatures resource with snail and slug cards for sorting.
  • Insects and Crawling Creatures resource with cards for pairing and for working on associations.
  • Insects and Crawling Creatures – Gross Motor Dice
  • Sight Words clip cards
  • Tens – matching cards

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