Free One Week Planner for Preschool Children With Low Prep Hands-on Activities

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Having a plan at hand, especially during uncertain times, can only benefit busy and overwhelmed parents. Sometimes parents can be going through a period of transitioning when they work on establishing new homeschooling routine.

There could be some weeks when all the responsibilities feel like they are too much to handle, Hence it might become harder to come up with easy-to-implement activities to stay on top of the child’s learning.

young child playing with puzzle

I thought of something that I hope could ease the load and designed a one-week planner with activities that can be implemented with children aged 2 to 5.

I outlined preschool activities for each day of the week. I thought of hands-on explorations that are easy to set up and organize.

These activities require minimum preparation effort and generally can be done with items many households already have easily accessible, like LEGO, books, baking soda, food coloring and vinegar.

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I know what you might be thinking, “I will do those activities for one week and then what?”

Well, I also organized and linked Pinterest boards that contain Montessori inspired, fun, educational and practical ideas for all the subjects.

Plus I included a blank PowerPoint editable weekly planner to keep you going.

This way you can draw your inspiration from there, besides, it is probably unrealistic to expect to complete all activities in the planner in one day. You can stretch and swap them as you please ticking boxes as you go.

The following subjects are included in this one week planner: Grace and courtesy, Gross motor, Fine motor, Language, Math, Science and Practical life.

If you get stuck, you can click on the subject link in the planner and look up ideas for all the amazing and educational explorations you can easily set up for the children.

At this age, children will enjoy the freedom of exploring in the most relaxed setting and playful atmosphere. It is important to engage their senses using items they are already familiar with and allow them to follow their interests.

This planner is a rough guide. Do not feel pressured to complete all activities for the day. Each activity does not need to be longer than 15-20 minutes.

Aim for short and sweet. It is about the experience. Children may decide to work longer on one activity and completely ditch the other. It is about following the child.

Use the PowerPoint option to design your own program. You can add or remove table columns and rows as it suits you.

young child playing with playdough

Preschool years should be all about learning to take care of self, the environment and other people in it, learning to be independent, develop the ability to concentrate. It is about following the child and allow the freedom to explore on their terms.

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