Pin Poking Activities And Free Printables.

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Pushpin (or pin poking) activity is one of the popular fine motor activities in the Montessori classroom. I would like to share with you different ways to use pins and pin poking which greatly benefit the child’s development. You will find that pins are often used in activities for different purposes.

Push Pin Montessori Nature Freebie

Pin activities

– help develop deeper concentration
– prepare for writing
– enjoyed by children
– exercise patience and attention to detail
– help perfect fine motor
– strengthen finger muscles

There are many variations of pin poking activities.

– The metal inset extension activity – the child pin pokes the shape after tracing a metal inset shape.
– The continent puzzle map extension activity – the child pin pokes continent outline after tracing a continent.
– Pin poke a picture outline.
Here are a few examples of introducing  pin activities to children:


Print a picture outline on regular paper or construction paper and cut cards to match your push pin mat size. Place cards in a box on a tray along with a push pin or the Montessori puncher, corkboard or wool mat to absorb the pricks of the poking stylus.

Invite the child to punch holes on the line and take him or her to the window to look through the light and make sure the holes are close together. Show them how to gently tear punched shape from the rest of the paper, get a glue stick, and glue it to the construction paper. The child may also like to color the shape first.

As I mentioned earlier children often enjoy pin poking continents of the world after working with the Montessori Continent Knob Puzzle. However, this can be done with every puzzle that has knobs. Puzzle pieces with knobs make it easier for children to trace outlines.

A video introduction of pin poking activity

fine motor Freebies from the resource library

fine motor freebie pin punching montessori nature free printable

Printouts for using with a pushpin or for coloring

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