Fun Party Balloon Games.

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Illooms balloons.

Everyone LOVES balloons. It is impossible to imagine a fun celebration without them. Kids’ eyes light up every time they see a balloon, which creates an instant reaction to pick one up and PLAY. No matter what the occasion is, used for decorations and games, balloons make the special day so much more memorable, colourful, light and bright.  They bring endless entertainment for adults and children without stretching the budget.
There are also a great amount of unexpected, awesome things you can do with the balloons and use them at home, school, camp, for science experiments, games and crafts. As a teacher, veteran kids camp counselor, party organiser and mum  I can totally appreciate how easy and how much fun balloons can bring on a simple rainy day.  They are especially great for children with sensory issues and for hands-on learning.
Well, it can not get any better, right? Actually it can. ILLOOMS Balloons glow in the dark making learning, playing, partying more magical, brighter, fun and exciting. Unlike your average balloon, ILLOOMS balloon includes an LED light in each balloon, which illuminates when activated by the easy-pull tab, lasting for up to 15 hours!
We got ILLOOMS balloons to test them out. In our Montessori Home, we love sensory stimulating materials and toys. We also value family time spent together and often come up with creative and fun ideas we can do. We decided to use ILLOOMS balloons just for that.

Here are our favourite party balloon games 

“Contagious Laughing “

you will need:

  • one balloon for each child

Everyone gets a balloon. On the count of three children throw balloons in the air and start laughing. The moment their balloon touches the ground they stop. This game is a perfect party ice-breaker. It is actually quite hard to stop laughing when you have to. There always will be one or two children who will keep laughing. Glowing balloons will definitely add more excitement to this game!

“Monkey Soccer”

you will need:

  • 2 X baskets or soccer gates
  • 1 X balloon

This game is perfect for a larger group of children but will work with a small group too. It will definitely get kids moving. First of all make sure you get crazy monkey sounds going on. Once kids get into action, divide them into two teams. Put two large baskets or mini soccer gates like in soccer – one for each team. Explain that kids can only use arms to hit the balloon. They cannot use feet, and cannot pick up the ball. On your command children start hitting balloon aiming for another team’s gate. The team who hits balloon into the opposite team’s goal wins.

For indoor version use glowing balloons set up only one gate or basket and give 3 or more balloons to the whole group of kids. Explain that objective is to get balloons in the goal as quickly as possible.

“Walking on the Line”

you will need:

  • 1 X roll of sticky-tape (or balancing plank)
  • 2 X baskets
  • balloons
  • 1 X paper plate 

Make a straight or zigzag line with tape or place a bouncing plank with two baskets on each end. Ask children to line up. On your command, the first child starts carefully carry a balloon on a plate balancing on the plank from one end to another without dropping a balloon on the ground. When the child reaches the other end he or she puts their balloon in the basket, and walks back to the pass the plate to the next person.
Variation: Scream “My biscuits are burning, my biscuits are burning” as you carry the balloon.

If you have glowing balloons you can line them up in two parallel rows in the dark to make a way. Carry the balloon from one end to another without touching balloons laying on the ground.


you will need:

  • sticky-tape 
  • balloons

Give a group of children several balloons and a tape. On your command, children start creating a balloon statue. Give them3-5 minutes to finish the task. If you have more than one team, pick an objective, for example, “make a high statue or make a wide statue”.
A small tip: do not reuse the balloons that you used sticky-tape on – otherwise they will pop when you try to rip off the sticky tape.
Glowing balloons statues turn out AWESOME.
Variation: offer children to make a balloon costume sticking balloons on one of the team players.

“In the Air”

you will need:

  • balloons

Give each child a balloon (for more fun playing this game in the dark with glowing balloons). On your command, children start kicking their balloons as high as possible keeping them in the air for as long as possible. Children cannot touch the balloon with their hands. The player whose balloon falls on the group last – wins.
Variation: turn on some groovy party music. While dancing kick up the balloons keeping them off the ground.

“Head – catch”

you will need:

  • 1 X balloon

Make a standing circle. Choose one volunteer to stand in the middle of the circle with a balloon. The person in the middle throws the balloon to one person at a time saying “head” or “catch”. Children in the circle do the opposite – of “head” they catch and if “catch” they bounce back the balloon with their head. First, you do the training round. Children get used to the idea. After that a player who does not do the opposite of what is said leaves the circle. The player who stays last – wins.
Its a must-try on a disco party with glowing balloons. 

About ILOOMS LED balloons: 

ILLOOMS are balloons that have a small LED light attached to the top when activated the LED light glows creating an illuminated effect that is quite beautiful. ILOOMS LED balloons come in different awesome styles and colours with price ranging from $6.99 RRP to $9.99 RRP for a pack of 3 or 4.

  • Plain Mixed
  • Girly Mixed
  • Happy Birthday
  • Faces
  • Multicoloured Marble
  • Pink Marble
  • Flashing Alien
  • Flashing Gnome

They are super easy to use and light up with one pinch of fingers. We found that they do not pop easily and some glow for up to two days. Some balloons were glowing brighter when they were hit and some lights blinked instead. Different styles make it easy to make celebrations unique and very bright. There are two packs available with supersize long balloons which are perfect for fun party balloons fights. We cannot wait to take ILLOOMS LED balloons to a church family camp. It will be crazy entertaining for kids and adults.

Light up your next celebration with these funky, colourful balloons and make it even more special. ILLOONS LED balloons are available in the party supplies section at Big W, Kmart and Woolworths!

I hope you enjoy these balloons as much as we did!

{Disclosure: This is a paid post brought to you by Nuffnang and Illooms Balloons. Opinions expressed in this post are my own.}

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