Outdoor Learning Activities with Free Printables

Outdoor learning activities and games are trendy among children, especially during the summer holidays. Children benefit a great deal from spending time outside exploring and adventuring in the green outdoors. Nature’s classroom is fascinating and incredibly diverse. These ideas will inspire you to spend some fun and meaningful time with your child outdoors.

Activities we enjoy in nature

Living right next to the water gives us a great advantage of using natural resources to learn about the outside world. Simple activities turn into child-driven adventures. Learning about land and water forms on the beach seemed like a fun activity to do as a part of our Montessori Outdoor Weekly Explorations.

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The Silence Game is a way to cultivate mindfulness in children through an ability to gain awareness of the noise surrounding them and exercise self-control. In the Montessori classroom, children are shown how to “create” silence.

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I have never seen a child being bored in nature. Wonder outdoors never stops. Open-ended play always evolves. Imagination gains vivid and intense colours. Nature conveys peace into a child’s heart and mind leaving no room for worry. To quote Maria Montessori: ” There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.. That the child may better understand and participate in the marvelous things which civilization creates”.

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Counting with loose parts and writing numbers of the sand – Since it is never practical to have “writing on the sand activity” available at our house, it is a perfect chance to practice writing letters and numbers on the sand at the beach. Counting with loose natural parts or shells has many variations. We started with a simple task.

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It can be daunting to think and plan your outdoor learning activities. But based on my experience, you can’t go wrong when you make preparation time as practical as possible. Our goal is to help them refine their skills, such as concentration, fine and gross motor, learn to appreciate nature and living creatures, gain an understanding of academic knowledge in the context of the natural world.

Outdoor And Nature-Based Learning Activities For Children

Outdoor learning activities

Amazing Ideas for Nature Based Education

How to Make a Terrarium with Kids (Teaching 2 and 3 year olds)

Color matching game (Nurture Store)

Learning about seasons and weather (For Small Hands)

The hands-on investigation, play and outdoor learning in primary education (Community Playthings)

Finding Symmetry in Nature (Buggy and Buddy)

Leaf people craft (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Hands-on science (For Small Hands)

Nature alphabet (Simona)

Learning about plant world  (For Small Hands)

Making mandala art with kids (Playful Learning)

Playing with your shadow ( Les Cahiers de Josephine)

75+ Ideas for the Montessori Outdoor Classroom ( Carrots Are Orange)

First Loom for Preschoolers (My Mommy Makes It)

Inexpensive Field Guides for Tots (Inner Child Fun)

Learning about animal world  (For Small Hands)

Outdoor learning activities for toddlers (Stomping in the Mud)

Gross motor activities in nature  (Montessori Nature)

Outdoor classroom ideas – arranged by topic (Magical Movement Company)

Nighttime Vacation Activities  (Every Star Is Different)

Learning about yard and garden (For Small Hands)


Turtle Activities
Parts of a Bear Types of Bears Free Printables

Parts Of The Snail And Snail Life Cycle Printables

Snail Learning Activities Life Cycle Free Printables Montessori Nature

A guided nature journal for children to document their explorations outdoors. This journal can be used by children living in any region across the world.

Nature Journal Montessori Nature Free Printable (3)

Nature Hunt Free Printables – Subscriber Freebies (sign up to get access to nature hunt printables) 

Earthworm Life Cycle, Parts Of An Earthworm, 3 Part Cards

Earthworm Life Cycle Parts of an earhtworm printables freebie Montessori Nature Pinterest

Nature Walks {with Free Printables} (Living Montessori Now)

Free Printables for outdoor learning ( Wings, Worms and Wonder)

  About Anastasia. Anastasia is the founder of Montessori Nature, a blog about Montessori - inspired and Nature-based explorations. She taught in a Montessori setting for 10 years and has been practicing the Montessori way of learning and living for the last 19 years. She loves designing engaging educational printables for children. Learn more here. 

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