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The registration to this conference is now closed! Thank you for visiting! Check out my homeschool resources here!

Homeschooling is one of the most challenging, and at the same time, rewarding experiences of my life aside from becoming a parent. To add – choosing to homeschool following Montessori method also turned out to be one of the lonely paths to go. In Australia particularly, Montessori name and method are still surrounded by plenty of myths and misconceptions. The most positive comment I personally heard from a parent who doesn’t do Montessori is “Oh, isn’t it where Google guys went to school?!” Yes, these are truly inspiring examples of outcomes that Montessori method can bring, you learn to think outside the box and solve problems successfully. But there is so much more that hides behind it – there is greater value in ideas that create an atmosphere of respect and add value to child’s personal unique abilities; cultivate inner discipline and build strong bond with the outside world without losing oneself. This is our motivation behind stepping into the waters of the Montessori world – so deep and often, unknown. There is the abundance of knowledge that leads us to desire to continue pressing into the depth of Montessori method and look into the very core of it.


Early at the beginning of the new year, every Montessori homeschooling teacher will have a unique opportunity to join Online Montessori event organised for homeschooling families by Seemi Abdullah – the founder and director of Trillium Montessori. This is a chance to connect with other like-minded home educators from all over the world, hear their stories, and get inspired. We probably all heard “the theory”. We know that Montessori is totally amazing – so beneficial for the child. Now it’s time to learn and get motivated to apply it in practice. This is what this online homeschool conference is about – Practical Montessori Homeschooling. We often see the end result without really knowing what goes behind it, sometimes we see the finished product – polished, beautiful, perfect. But we want to know how to get there. What happens in the “messy workshop”, all the materials and tools that’s been put into practice, the attitude, the bruises, the sleepless nights and the happy moments.

Here is what you can expect from this Online Montessori Event :

  • There are 14 workshops spread across three days – January 9-12, 2017
  • 14 expert speakers, the total value of Summit is $420. Trillium Montessori expert workshops are $30 each. For this summit, you can get all 14 workshops for only $69.
  • All workshops are available online after the conference is officially over to access at your convenience
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to connect and chat with other participants
  • You receive access to amazing bonuses
  • You can choose to listen to all 14 tracks or you can only enroll in one out of three track levels: Primary Level Track,  Elementary Level Track, or Specials Track. In saying that, each level will also allow you access to four Foundations For Your Montessori Homeschooling Journey presentations.


I felt very humbled and grateful for the chance to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event and be presenting among some of the most accomplished, dedicated and passionate Montessori professionals and homeschooling legends. Even though our homeschooling journey has a very short history – my oldest child is only 4, I have been working with children for 10+ years. In my presentation, I talk about my experience and understanding of the Montessori concept of Freedom within limits. There are other absolutely stellar homeschooling Montessorians who generously share their journey with us. There are best-selling authors, Montessori trainers, Montessori school owners, parent and teachers consultants. It is truly unique chance to hear them spread their wealth knowledge, passion, experience gathered throughout many years of putting Montessori ideas into practice in their own homes and at work.

These are the topics of presentations: 

Primary Level Track ($35):

  • Montessori Reading Materials in the Homeschool Environment with Cherine Muirhead
  • Add Interest To Your Homeschool For Multiple Ages: How to Use Montessori Inspired Unit Studies with Deb Chitwood
  • The Magic of Montessori Math: How to Use the Golden Beads with Lara Jacobs

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Elementary Level Track ($35):

  • Practical Life: “It’s Elementary My Dear!” with Tammy Oesting
  • Homeschooling and Montessori’s Cosmic Education with Anne-Laure Schneider
  • How to Start and Run an Elementary Aged Homeschool Project Group with Leanna Ampola
  • The Geometric Cabinet: Lessons and Extensions with Maria Burke

Specials Track ($35):

  • The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs with Renae Eddy
  • Raising Children in a Multi-Lingual Home with Yuliya Fruman
  • Leaning Into Homeschooling a Differently Wired Child: Tips and Inspiration for Making It Work with Debbie Reber

Every Track also includes 4 Foundations For Your Montessori Homeschooling Journey presentations:

  • The Inner Preparation of the Adult with Souzzann Zink
  • Ten Common Pitfalls of Montessori Homeschooling with Bess Wuertz
  • Freedom Within Limits in the Montessori Home Environment with Anastasia Rehbein
  • Special Tips for Your Homeschool Journey with Patrick Farenga

To hear ALL fourteen presentations you can enrol for a very modest price ($69) and listen to them in your own time!

All access pass also comes with great bonuses:
over $100 worth of free printables and bonus workshops 

Anatomy of an Ideal Montessori Lesson cheatsheet from ClassrooMechanics
Parts of a Butterfly 3-Part Cards + Definitions from Diamond Montessori
Parts of an Eagle 3-Part Cards from Puzzle Heads Educational
Parts of a Wasp 3-Part Cards and More from Making Montessori Ours
Charting the ABCs of Behavioral Analysis Worksheet from Every Star is Different
Polluted and Clean Water sorting cards from I Believe in Montessori
Grammar Proficiency for Primary Phonics from Lighthouse Learning
Healthy Food Alphabet Do-a-Dot Pack from Living Montessori Now
Continents Puzzle Map and 3-Part Cards from Max&Naoli
Emotions 3-Part Cards from Montessori Nature
Number Rings from TheLaminatrix
40+pages of Pink Series Language Materials from Tot Labs by Welcome to Mommyhood
12 Months of Wonder Wednesday (Connecting with art and nature for children) from Wings Worms and Wonder
$75 shopping spree at the Trillium Montessori Shop

Bonus Workshops!
Montessori 101 for parents and teachers from Great Montessori Webinars
Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry from Mama Bear Consulting
The annotated guide to 70 free Montessori workshops from Souzzann Zink

I have to add that after enrolling in previous Online Trillium Montessori Summit for Teachers, Parents and Administrators, I gained a whole new level of appreciation of the additional knowledge I received by listening to the presenters. It definitely shifted and refreshed my perspective of the Montessori method and gave a strong push towards becoming better parents for my kids.

Thank you and please, take your time to consider if this is something you truly can benefit from at this stage of your homeschooling and parenting journey.

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