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When it comes to my free printables, I aim to post them regularly. There are a few beautiful three-part card sets and many come with blackline master pages for practicing handwriting.

I also love creating themed preschool learning mini packs with tracing, cutting, match-up activities, and more. Some activities can be laminated and reused many times when used with a magic marker or plastic pockets.

You may also like to check preschool planners for indoor and outdoor activities under the ‘For Teachers and Parents’ section. These can be quite handy for parents of young children or educators in a family child care setting.

We enjoy going on adventure hunts outdoors with my children. I included some examples of those along with My Nature Journal printable pages for you to take with you next time you are out and about.

Coloring cards are perfect for assisting children’s fine motor development and strengthening those little finger muscles. There are a couple of seasonal sets available in the resource library.

Sorting learning activities that you will find in the library are great for developing logical thinking. They also foster deeper concentration in the student and provoke their curiosity .

Don’t forget to check the Decalogue of Dr. Maria Montessori. There are two different types of printable – letter size and cards. Poster often gets hanged in the classroom as a gentle reminder for those in charge of little ones and their learning.

I love seeing my printables in action. You can visit the Instagram page to check all the different ways educators use them with their young learners.

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Here is the sneak peek into our subscriber resource library with free printables that took me many long hours to create with love for your young learners …

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With the living situation getting so much harder for many of us, I strive to offer as much support as I possibly can by sharing free quality printables.

To make it possible, I joined a wonderful advertisement network – Mediavine that helps me collect revenue from an advertisement displayed on my website. These are amazing people with incredibly ethical company culture and I am so glad I could be a part of the network.

I purchase clipart and photographs that I include in my freebies, I make sure I take the time to design them, it takes many hours to create each free printable. In addition, I have monthly payments to make to continue to run my website and make it run efficiently.

So I understand that it can be frustrating having to go through a bit of a process to download my free printables. I sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation on this one. I haven’t made the changes to make it harder for you. I did it because I would like to continue being able to be there for you and your students.

I value your time. However, I hope that the printables I create and share for free save you a significant amount of time and effort and allow you to focus more on what you love doing – dedicating more of your time to your precious little ones.

So thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I am so glad I can continue serving you with the best I have to offer with help from companies like Mediavine.

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