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The majority of us know everything about parenting and how it’s done up until the moment we become one. I never thought that I would be stuck on things like how often should I bathe my baby or when to start solids, how to deal with fevers etc. The modern mainstream ways of dealing with baby’s needs just did not agree with me, and I spent countless hours on the Internet trying to find alternative ways to deal with issues. I had no idea where to start except the fact that I need to start looking in a different direction. If it all sounds too familiar I would love to save you some time and share with you my list of resources for Natural Parenting I found practical, helpful, and beneficial.

It is a fantastic resource because it has it all: natural birth, babywearing, baby-led-weaning, co-sleeping, cloth nappies, extended breastfeeding, etc. Not all of it quite worked for us, but it provided a different perspective and helped to relax and follow my instincts. Looking back I can honestly say that my mistake was to attempt to follow everything to the book. Yes, baby-led-weaning is great, but the combination of spoon-feeding and BLW I think is perfect.
Here is my favorite article: A Peek Into The Past: Touching Our Babies.
Heather offers priceless advice on proper nutrition for pregnant women and babies that is supported by her amazing testimony. There you will find great info on homemade beauty care products, delicious and nurturing recipes, natural homemade baby care products, in-depth research on many health issues. I highly recommend purchasing her ebook, Nourished Baby.
It is a “go-to” place when it comes to dealing with a child’s health and using natural methods and remedies. It has so much great, practical info. You will also find a lot of amazing recipes and nutritional advice.
This article was so useful to us: Lemon Sock for Fever. Dive in!
This is a fantastic source of information on a nutritional diet, dental health, recipes and so much more. Here is a great article on Homemade Baby Formula. Elevating Childcare – Janet Lansbury 
She has great parenting advice that focuses on free play, setting healthy boundaries, and focusing on acknowledging and dealing with the child’s emotions.
Check out this article: No Bad Kids – Toddler Discipline Without Shame

I would love for you to share natural parenting resources and maybe some tips you would like to pass on to new parents!
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