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I often get asked where to purchase Montessori materials, what I consider Montessori essentials, what handmade items are best for those who prefer handcrafted materials, etc. Below you will find a list of materials, resources, and toys I sincerely recommend. Everything on this list is of high-quality and valuable. I’ve gathered resources and products that I personally purchased, had in my Montessori classroom, reviewed and would genuinely recommend.

Please note, that many links are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to purchase something, I will receive a small commission. The price will be the same for you though. However, your purchase helps to maintain my website. Thank you!


Floor bed – Normally from 0-3 m baby co-sleeps with his or her parents in a Moses basket. After that often the child is transitioned to a floor bed. It is a very common attribute of a Montessori nursery. Many choose to place a single or double mattress on a floor instead. I simply used a cheap single size wooden bed frame, cut off legs and placed it on the floor with a mattress on top. It felt more comfortable as opposed to just using the mattress. Recently, I came across an article that linked SIDS to toxic chemicals in mattresses. You can read more about it here and here. If you decide to co-sleep and would like to invest in a non-toxic mattress for the whole family, here is a great option. We found a polyethylene mattress cover for our mattress before we can invest in a healthier version. For those who prefer to use a traditional crib, read this article –  it is an excellent guide to finding an organic mattress for your baby. Here is a crib mattress cover that protects babies from dangerous toxins.  Read more about the connection between SIDS and mattresses in this bookThis information is for educational purposes only. It does not provide medical advice. Information shared here is meant to encourage you to make your own decisions based on your research.

Wall mirror and pull-up bar an Acrylic mirror is a perfect solution for babies at home and in classrooms. Pull-up bar is easy to make yourself with a handlebar.

Mobiles will be your baby’s first toys. With the right tools and online tutorials, you can make your own. You also can buy a great handmade set for babies 0-4 mo from here and here. Once a baby reaches the grasping stage – this bell mobile helps him or her develop the necessary skills. 

Baby Weaning –  Weaning the Montessori way with child-size furniture is an essential stage of a child’s growth and a step towards independence. You can buy a handmade table and chair set plus a learning tower in one which is an excellent aide for helping in the kitchen.

Baby’s First Books – Since babies can only see black and white shades at birth, books with black and white pictures are recommended for young infants. Handmade books are great for the sensory experience; you can get baby books made with organic cotton here.

Wooden Toys – I do not offer many toys. Mostly I use a few – wooden and toys made with natural materials.  You can find handmade Montessori toys here.

Low Wall Art – I found these pictures very clear and attractive.


I love finding beautiful kid books in the op shops. Living in Australia, the best option for me by far is to order books from Book Depository. They usually have the best prices and deliver worldwide for free. Delivery takes about 1,5 – 2 weeks. Amazon is another great option. A Montessori classroom has an abundance of realistic, engaging, colorful books that are filled with knowledge for children. Our favorite toddler books can be found here, and a list of books for preschoolers can be found here.

There are two books that I would like to recommend for very beginners to learn more about setting up your home the Montessori way: Montessori At Home Guide For Children 0-2 and Montessori At Home Guide for Children 2-6.

Montessori Inspiration At Home  Language – Toddler Series is a brilliant resource for parents and those who are new to Montessori with explicit instruction, explanation, implementing the second language into your daily routine and a fantastic set of language printables.

 Montessori Online E-Courses

Setting Up Your Home Montessori-Style a 4-week online workshop by The Montessori Notebook.  A four-week online workshop that will help you to focus on improving your spaces at home.

Do you have some ideas about Montessori but get lost where to start at home?

Do you see other people’s homes and feel frustrated that yours could do with some improvement?

Are you trying to get your kids to pack away and find exciting activities for them but it’s not working?

Join  Setting Up Your Home Montessori-Style online workshop to address all of those issues and more.


Why use a Montessori approach at home
An easy 5-step approach to tackling your spaces
Elements of the space
The kitchen
The living room
The bedroom
The bathroom
Outside space
Art and craft
Types of activities to include
Siblings and visitors
Packing away
Small spaces and storage

Montessori Tube Academy offers Montessori Scope and Sequence e-courses – video presentations and printable resources for educators and parents who work with preschool to lower elementary-aged students:

Montessori Math Online Course

Montessori Sensorial Online Course

Montessori Cosmic Education Online Course 

Teach your child independence through Practical Life activities

My Montessori Homeschool – A Comprehensive Online Training Course by Carrots Are Orange. 

Montessori E-Course created by Marnie provides you with the tools, explains the philosophy, helps to build the community and shows how to conquer the obstacles.

There are 12 modules, which become available to you on a week by week basis (drip approach). You gain access to the content anytime, all time, and for a lifetime.

As a part of the course, you get access to systems and resources, step-by-step instructions on how to give lessons to help you manage your homeschool. As a bonus, you get access to all access to Carrots Are Orange Shop with 100s of Montessori Downloads.

The Power of the Prepared Parent – A Montessori Crash Course by Ultimate Montessori Parent’s Guide. 

  • Learn the Montessori philosophy ‘in a nutshell’ in a way anyone can understand.
  • Get my specific 7-step formula to make home life consistent with school life – you’ll adopt one concept at a time in sequence in a way even the busiest and most time-poor parent can easily do.
  • Learn how to clear the mental clutter and be a calm Montessori parent with techniques to cultivate patience and grace, even under pressure! (When you hear this, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.).
  • Learn the biggest mistake parents make when they start to adopt Montessori at home (and how you can avoid it).
  • Get the Montessori methods and materials explained – in sequence – so you know what your child is learning and how he is learning it, and you can be confident that your child is on track, even without grades, homework or tests.
  • Detailed descriptions of how to set up your home Montessori-style so your child experiences consistency with school and can be as independent as possible.
  • Detailed case studies and examples to demonstrate everyday communication in a Montessori home, including specific techniques, words to avoid and how to manage discipline and sibling conflict so that you can stay connected to your children while they learn these important life skills for themselves.

Educational Printables

At Montessori Nature, I offer educational materials in PDF digital form. I create printables for children 0-6 years of age. I often get messages from people asking me why my printables are at such low prices. I love to keep it this way. They are mainly aimed at homeschooling families and teachers with a tight budget. Subscribers get great discounts on my new materials and deals. Sign up below to find out more and to get notifications about amazing sales.  Visit my store here>> Montessori Nature Educational Printables.

Every Star Is Different offers a great range of incredible resources to fit the individual needs of your children and students.

I highly recommend to check out a massive collection of Montessori printables created by Seemi, Trillium Montessori.

Big Life Journal – helps children develop strong Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and growth mindset skills through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities.

Kids Furniture

Toddler Tower – This kitchen helper is excellent for assisting the child’s independence in the kitchen. It is also easy to fold and store when not used.

 Tables and chairs – It is essential to get good quality, reliable furniture that will last. We use table and chairs similar to this in our classroom for 3-6 yo.

 Work Shelf – Low shelving perfectly fits kids’ needs.  I recommend these shelves. They seem to have excellent neutral color and look very functional.  Here is the ideal setting for the Montessori classroom: low shelves, corner shelves, book display, and dress-up unit. 

Practical Life

In the kitchen – Montessori homes and classrooms use a particular set of tools. The tools that we used in our class can be found here. It is easy to find everything you need at a local discount store or use these food preparation sets.

 Indoor Cleaning – Children need tools that they can operate without an adult’s assistance and which are perfect for their little hands. This cleaning set has a stand for convenient storage.

Preparation of the environment –  You may find many necessities for the Montessori environment, like rugs, boxes, baskets, display stands over here.

Materials and activities always look more attractive and aesthetic in baskets and on trays. Here you can find gorgeous handmade trays and baskets that would suit perfectly in Montessori home and classroom.

  Set Up – Practical life activities allow children to exercise their coordination and skills that they will need to master to function day-to-day. Practical life basic sets can be bought here and here

Educational Toys

Handmade Montessori and Montessori Inspired Toys – Children need to learn to take care of their environment along with materials found in it. The best way to encourage children to take care of their toys and materials is to buy high-quality toys that are made from natural materials. I found a beautiful selection of handmade educational materials. Handmade Montessori Inspired toys and learning materials are always welcomed in Montessori classrooms.    

 Open-ended play – Many of these educational toys have been included in this list because they facilitate independent open-ended play. Flockmen – natural, engaging toys for stacking and free play are ideal for Montessori classrooms. 

Educational Toys – Look for my recommendations for educational toys here.

Montessori Materials

We use the services of Kids Advance. You can find their store here. Often it was cheaper for me to order Montessori materials from the US rather than buying locally. The quality is just incredible, and prices suit our modest homeschooling budget. 

Montessori Activity Sets Montessori By Mom prepares and sends out Montessori toolboxes which include materials set up by theme, instructions and video guides for teaching children and make learning educational and fun. I used their toolbox and had only great things to say.

There are many fantastic and talented Montessorians out there who create handmade Montessori materials and offer them at very affordable prices. I had a privilege to get to know some of them and learn how much effort, thought and love they invest in creating authentic materials for children.

Jojoebi offers Montessori inspired printables and sewing patterns to make adorable toys for your kids.

MirusToys offers Nature-inspired Montessori and Waldorf educational toys

Montessori Material offers early reading materials (finished and pdf form) and fabric pouches/pockets in two styles: envelopes and 3 part card style (with an option for a vinyl pocket on the front).

The Laminatrix offers 3-part cards, matching activities for Safari Toobs, learning sets. Tangible goods, no pdf.

Jenn Sews Felt offers naturally made materials for Waldorf and Montessori kids.

Popeline Co offers Quiet books, Montessori, Busy Bag, Waldorf. Handmade, Made in France

Natura Baby provides Montessori-inspired cube chairs and works.

Mimia Montessori makes gorgeous handmade Montessori and Waldorf inspired toys and accessories.

Nutrition and Learning

As you know, a child develops as a whole. Mental, physical and emotional health are intertwined. When I became a parent, I read about the fantastic health benefits of Omega-3s on brain development and started to mix fish oil in diluted freshly squeezed juice for my children daily. You can learn about Omega-3s amazing benefits in this article. I was fascinated by these success stories of children who started taking Omega-3s.  We usually order fish oil online along with natural vitamin C

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