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Sensorial extensions are very helpful as they encourage children to continue using Montessori resources in a creative and engaging way. Using extensions children can put into practice their ability to grade and discriminate materials by width, length, and size. From my experience, children master the Pink Tower, the Brown Stairs, the Red Rods, and the Knobless cylinders very shortly after the initial demonstration.

Examples of sensorial extensions might include matching colors to specific fruits or objects, sorting items by texture, identifying different scents using smelling bottles or creating patterns with geometric shapes. Sensorial extensions provide children with a rich and engaging sensory experience that fosters their curiosity and creativity, while also supporting their cognitive and physical development.


The Montessori sensorial approach emphasizes the use of the five senses to enhance children’s development and learning. This method utilizes specially designed sensorial materials to help children learn about the world around them.

The materials are designed to isolate one concept or skill, such as color or texture, and enhance the child’s ability to perceive and understand it. The sensory materials also promote order, concentration, and coordination as children work with them in a carefully prepared environment. Through sensorial activities, children develop keen observational skills and an appreciation for the diversity of the world around them.

Montessori sensorial activities aim to refine and sharpen the senses of young children. These activities include exploring different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, tastes, and smells. Montessori educators often provide children with sensory materials, such as sandpaper letters, geometric figures, and sound cylinders, to help them identify and classify different sensory stimuli.

Montessori sensorial materials are designed to help children develop their senses and perception skills. These materials include activities for visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, tactile discrimination, olfactory and gustatory discrimination, and more. Some of the most popular sensorial materials in Montessori include the Pink Tower, the Brown Stair, the Broad Stair, the Knobbed Cylinders, and the Color Tablets.

These materials help children explore size, shape, color, and texture in a hands-on, concrete way, which promotes greater understanding and retention of the concepts being taught. Sensorial activities are an important part of the Montessori curriculum and help to cultivate the skills necessary for academic success and lifelong learning.

By engaging in these activities, children develop their cognitive abilities and gain an understanding of the world around them. Montessori educators believe that sensory exploration plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development, as it helps them to build a strong foundation for future learning.

Sensorial extensions provide multiple opportunities to revisit these materials over and over again. Children create interesting patterns, stretch their imagination and usually work in a small group of peers which is a wonderful way to practice sharing and collaboration.

Montessori Services offers Sensorial Cards. These cards provide an extension to activities using the Brown Stair, Pink Tower, Knobbed, or Knobless Cylinders. By matching the parts of the apparatus to corresponding base cards, children refine visual discrimination of size. By comparing solids and planes, the child’s perceptions become more abstract. Montessori Services have a wonderful series of Sensorial materials that I decided to include here. I think they can be a useful addition to the Sensorial area in the classroom. 

You will find a helpful introduction to early years sensory education through these videos.

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