Montessori Printables and Activities for Children With Vision Impairment

Working with children with vision impairment is a very rewarding experience. You get to realise what an incredibly complex and amazing human body is, how it can adopt and function in the way that is different yet so beautiful and effective.
These printables and activities are made with children who have additional needs in mind. I drew my inspiration from times when I had a privilege to work with a child who had vision impairment.  I hope they will assist in creating enjoyable learning opportunities for children you work with.

This giveaway has ended, you can find Montessori Pack for Children with Vision Impairment here.

This pack contains over 100 pages of large, clear pictures with contrast colors plus activities that can be done on a light table.

Here is what you will find in Pack for Children with Vision Impairment:

Cutting/tracing and Pin Poking activity 
Counting, matching and ordering game
Animal Matching/ Memory Game
 Matreshka Sorting and Matching Game
Activities that can be done on a light table with description and explanation.
Shape Matching/Memory Game
Silhouette Matching Game 
Black & White
Black/White/Red pictures
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