Montessori Practical Life in the Kitchen – Making Hummus

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This morning I decided to make hummus – delicious and nutritious addition for healthy snacks. As usual my sweet pea was there right next to me. As I poured chickpeas in the bowl she took one of them and started peeling the skin. She saw me do it before once. Well, I could not miss this chance.
I set up  her table:

  • bowl with chickpeas
  • plate for skin 
  • container for peeled chickpeas

First I demonstrated where to place skin and peeled chickpeas and let her continue with the task. She did not finish all of it but enjoyed the whole experience.

After we finished with the peas

we poured 1 can of chickpeas into mixer,
added 2 tablespoons of  olive oil,
a pinch of salt,
1/4 cup of water,
we squeezed a bit of lemon juice
and  added 1 teaspoon of pine nuts,
mixed it all together.

I allowed my daughter to do all the pouring and squeezing. When cooking I count spoons out loud and let her taste ingredients when possible. And Walla! Yummy hummus is done and ready to be used for  kiddo to spread on cracker or as a dip for carrots.

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