Montessori Inspired Winter Play for Kids

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Themed Montessori inspired, and fun activities for young kids are great to make important events, like Christmas and Winter Holidays, very memorable and unique.

When it comes to entertaining my toddler girl I enjoy preparing activities that help her develop skills that are essential for her learning and growing, such as concentration, fine motor skills {let those little fingers work}, creativity. Sensory activities draw her attention more than anything else at this stage.

Even though we live in Australia where Christmas is usually scorching hot we still talk about snow and Winter since I celebrated many of my Christmases in the place where snow covers earth majority of the year. I share memories with my daughter. { We only recently watched the magical Russian “Nutcracker” cartoon from 1973 which is accompanied by Tchaikovsky music, I highly recommend}.

This is a sensory tray with handmade snow – a mixture of corn flour, baking soda, glitter and a bit of water.

Pre-writing exercise. Instead of sand, I mixed corn flour with glitter to fill in a tray. It creates a fluffy and soft feel on fingers. My daughter was deeply engaged in this activity. If you offer it to your child, be prepared for a cleanup.

Pom exercise for sorting pom poms by size and colour. These are great for little fingers, fun activity will keep little one busy. You are welcome to download printables here.



Stamp exercise to strengthen little fingers and help prepare for writing. When demonstrating this exercise I put stamp prints from left to right. Another challenge is to keep stamp prints within the limits of a strip of paper.

Sorting activity. I find it very beneficial for little ones because it helps them sharpen their fine motor movements, develops hand-eye coordination,  attention to detail.


Christmas tree balls and egg carton – another quiet activity for little fingers. Grasping balls by tops make it perfect for practising pencil grip.

Russian nesting doll is a beloved toy by many kids.
I hope you were inspired!
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