Montessori Inspired Sochi Sports Games 2014 Online Resources.

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Montessori Classrooms around the world generously share their ideas and activities with their readers. I would like to point out Montessori online resources that I found incredibly helpful! I trust your children will enjoy these.


Learning about the Winter Olympics In Russia, Sochi by Trillium Montessori has a great number of activities and cards, such as Photo 3-Part Cards of each of the 15 sports.
(photo of Trillium Montessori)
Living Montessori Now has a wide collection of great ideas for children, such as Olympic Ring Treasure Hunt and many others.
Montessori-Inspired Olympic Unit
 (photo of Living Montessori Now)
Imagine Our Life has beautiful and engaging ideas and free printables
Every Star Is Different has an AMAZING collection of Winter Olympics printables, activities, ideas and family events to share!
(photo of Every Star Is Different)
Did I miss anyone? Please do share your Olympic Resources in comments.

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