Montessori-Inspired play for a 9 months old baby

Here is what on our shelf this week:

These activities are only a tiny part of the day. They are there to stimulate language, develop concentration and introduce the concept of order – placing objects on the same spot; the shelf is always tidy and neat. In my opinion, the most important aspect of development is the personal interaction and freedom of movement – our main focus of every day.

Montessori believed that children have an internal desire to learn about the world around them. After much observation as to how children actually acquired this knowledge, she concluded that they learned best by experiencing things as opposed to fantasizing or pretending about them. In fact, she believed that fantasy play happened primarily because a child’s environment was deficient in stimulating activities.

One of the favorite toys of our Beauty – musical instruments. This one makes a frog sound. She can not do it on her own yet but enjoys observing me and tries to imitate the move with the mallet- from back to front. Here is a nice selection of instruments: Hohner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set

This set of wooden fruits for some reason is her favorite. She picks it first from the shelf every time. Probably because she loves her fruits. I introduce the names of fruits every time with it. Sometimes I leave just three in front of our Beauty and ask “where is an apple”, etc. She usually picks up the right one.
Here is a dressing cube. At this stage, it is only to present various textures, colors and materials.

I made these sound bottles out of yogurt drinks containers. I just filled them one with rice and another with allspice berries. One is lighter, and another is heavier.

This one is a Green Tea container with some avocado seeds. She enjoys rolling it or tap with her little hands which makes it a small drum.
With this soft kookaburra toy, I point to different parts of the body and name them. I also try to find books that talk about different birds.

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