Montessori Inspired Learning Activities for Toddlers.

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Toddlers flourish when they are engaged with activities that inspire their independence. Outside our regular exercises which develop everyday skills, we do a few simple but meaningful play activities. Most of those activities are based on Montessori principles; they stimulate senses, once mastered, require the minimum involvement of an adult, are attractive and sequential. Also, many activities I do with my child are Reggio-inspired as they include natural materials and open-ended play.

1. We got these butterfly wall decor from the dollar store. First, we arranged them from the largest to the smallest, and then we took them outside to see how they catch the reflection of the sky and sunlight. We also counted how many blue glass drops we can fit in the butterfly frame and made a sensory tray with lavender. 

2) Real musical instruments are very effective tools for exploring sound and different textures. We often experiment with the sound, learn about rhythm and tempo by playing instruments to the music.

3) Pebbles are excellent materials for creating all sorts of learning activities, for example, we made shape and primary colors matching work. I drew on pebbles first and also allowed my daughter to color in the rest.

4) Carrot, apple, and raisins is a super healthy snack and a great first salad to learn to make. I usually help her to peel and grate apple and carrot, then she adds raisins, and we mix everything up together.

5) We often like to experiment with different colors, prints and textures. We observe, feel, smell and create.

6) Games that involve tunnels have very many benefits. She learns to crawl through it, learns to roll a ball and push it hard enough to get on the other side, it reinforces literacy and language (when learning prepositions), it is a lot of fun.

7) When it comes to choosing toys for our child, I think natural, educational, purposeful, fun!
Here is what is on our shelves these days:

Sensory Tray with Lavender and Rosemary – looking for small objects..

Learning the yellow color

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  1. Great ideas! Makes me wish I still had a toddler! BTW, I am giving a live webinar on Saturday June 7th for parents who want to know more about Montessori before enrolling their child. I am not affiliated with any school, just want to spread the word! Check it out here:

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