Montessori Inspired Handmade Ornaments for Kids

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Christmas festive season is a great time to encourage children to make space around them beautiful and exciting with things they can create with their own hands. Kid handmade ornaments – quirky, sparkly, cute, will make your home and classroom feel so cozy. I am sharing today with you ornaments my preschooler made to kick start the Holiday Season.
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Learning about colours is always fun for young kids. Children love discovering the world of colours using Montessori colour box 1,2 and 3. Colour Box 3 teaches children to grade colours from the darkest to the lightest and visa versa.  To make ornaments, we looked at different shades of colours. This activity is an extension activity to Colour box 3 which demonstrates the difference between dark and light shades. Mixing colours brings magic like wonder and excitement. You can demonstrate a gradual change in colour – from the darkest to the lightest – by adding more white paint each time. This is a fun art technique to teach kids.

Here is how we made painted Christmas ornaments:

  • make sure the child is familiar with Colour Box 3 before making this craft
  • ask the child to choose a Christmas ornament to paint and a paint colour
  • squeeze chosen paint and white paint on the palette
  • demonstrate painting with a stroke and mixing in a bit more white colour every time
  • now it is the child’s turn to create their ornament
  • allow it to dry and invite the child to exercise their creativity – decorate ornament using loose craft parts

It is always fun to try different paint colours and shapes.

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12 thoughts on “Montessori Inspired Handmade Ornaments for Kids”

  1. Anastasia, this post is so unique and I LOVE how you have incorporated Montessori materials so elegantly! The wreath project has so many valuable components and can really engage older children, meanwhile you can prepare the wreath for the younger child to add creative elements to a very beautiful ornamental. Thanks for such lovely ideas!

  2. I LOVE the christmas wreath ornament! My kids have been a little to excited about their hammering work. They will love making these for family this year. Thank you so much for joining us in the 15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays series!

  3. I NEVER would have thought to translate two Montessori concepts/skills (color gradation and hammering) into holiday ornaments… excellent post, thank you!

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