Montessori Inspired Easter Shelves.

Nothing speaks LOVE like Easter – “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. John 15:13

This is the time when I try to show children different sides of love – painful, uncomfortable, difficult. Love which presents scarifies and gives up comfort. It can be love for mum and dad – listening; love for yourself – making right healthy choices; love for friends – letting them have a turn first; love of work – seeing that every work is done to the best of our ability; love for others – keeping promises.
The children need to see that rewards for these sacrifices are so sweet and pleasant, they help them gain something that can not be seen but will last forever.

During Group time I usually tell the story of Palm Sunday. Did you know that palm is the most flexible tree? No matter how hard the wind is – it can’t break the palm tree. I always loved this verse from Psalm 92: “The righteous shall flourish like the palm-tree”. I thought it’s quite amazing. We look into the parts of a palm leaf and talk about why people in those days used palm leaves to greet Jesus. I encourage children to reenact this story and they make a craft with palm leaves.

Later we generally play the “pin donkey’s tail game which they usually find hilarious.

Here are some Easter Montessori shelf activities to encourage work on developing hand grip, finger strength, concentration, fine motor skills, etc. These are activities on transferring, sorting, matching, coloring and cutting.

Easter coloring craft

Fine motor exercise

Color matching activity

Spoon transferring exercise

Eggs and little chicks – color marching exercise

Fine motor and letter recognition activity

You can find this beautiful printable (and more) here: Confessions of a Hoomeschooler.

Looking for little chicks – sensory activity

Coloring eggs with watercolors

Color sorting activity

Fine motor and sorting activity with twisters

Egg transferring activity

Fine motor activity with pegs

Color matching activity with pegs

Sensory tub with feathers and eggs

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Check out these BEAUTIFUL Ukrainian Easter Eggs printable for the Montessori classroom!

Activities were presented for children and generously shared by the staff of the Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House.

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