Montessori Inspired Christmas Activities With Printables

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Joy and excitement are in the air in this house as we are approaching one of the most welcomed celebration of the year for our family – Christmas. Since our children are still very young, it feels especially significant to build up our family traditions and events around this time. I have noticed that kids at this age have practically no expectations. They are still getting familiar with cultural connotations and are happy to go with a flow. We are going to have a whole set of traditions surrounding the day of Christmas, however, I would like to add that extra excitement to everyday life leading to Christmas. Christmas is probably the only time when I completely change our homeschooling classroom activities leaving only trays that are relevant to the Christmas theme. For the rest of the year, we often continue a light version of our homeschooling routine even on holidays, including Montessori cycle. I am going to drop some ideas in this post I hope that will inspire you.


The Christmas story is obviously the centre of our Christmas themed activities. I thought these printable from Bible Story Printables with Nativity figures are adorable. We used them to create a puppet theatre to tell the story. This was a brilliant way to encourage the development of skills to retell and narrate stories for my 4yo Blossom.

We also started our first Advent calendar with Bible Verse Advent Countdown for Kids from Happy Home Fairy. Every night we light up one more candle and read a new Bible verse from the cards. It will be very exciting to light up all 25 candles on Christmas night and sing the Happy Birthday song and blow all the candles.



I made a set of Angels in Art 3-part cards to show the way artists expressed their perception of angels throughout history of art. This work has intrigued little person’s mind. There are some stunning examples of art out there. You can check out this set of printables here.


This is a free download with simple Christmas vocabulary to for practising to identify initial sounds of the words and for matching  Moveable alphabet letters to the pictures picture. I made this printable with cards to match as an alternative for those who don’t want to incorporate moveable alphabet.


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My daughter is fascinated by the times of when Jesus was alive – Jewish culture and traditions. She has a couple of books that she always comes back to studying the details, etc. We used the Metal inset frames to draw Star of David.


We also experimented drawing a Christmas wreath using this versatile material.


Another way to experiment with Sensorial Montessori materials – the Knobless cylinder extensions. I created this printable, especially for this occasion. Feel free to check in out here.  These are a bit complex, and young children might require some adult’s guidance to work it out.


We love working with Montessori math beads. Counting ornaments of Christmas tree incorporating math beads sounded like fun! There are printable that goes with it. Click here to find out more. math-beads-montessori-nature-blog

There is also an option to colour in the bead chains for children.


Hammering activity to strengthen fine motor and finger strength. This is an excellent challenge for preschool-aged children. We love using wood chips to make Christmas tree ornaments. These were kindly provided to us by Natural Resourcer.


Another great exercise for little fingers – Christmas themed play dough activity with cookie cutters and natural loose parts for making prints. Natural Resourcer has amazing nature packs with loose parts. We used them in all sorts of different ways to enhance natural learning.

I hope you got inspired today!

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