Montessori Inspired Animals of the Continents Bingo Printable

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Animals of The Continents Bingo Game
 I would like to bring to you Montessori Inspired Bingo featuring animals of the continents. This printable is designed to match materials in the Montessori classroom. Every board is colour coded according to the colours of the continents of the Montessori Geography materials. Take a look at three examples of boards of the seven continents presented in printable:

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There are three boards for each of the seven continents. I picked examples of ten animals that inhabit Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia/Oceania and Antarctica.
The printable contains labelled draw cards for the bingo caller. Here are a couple examples:

You will also have an option to print out bingo cover cards.

I trust this printable is a valuable resource in your classroom! Thank you for checking out my work!

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