Montessori-inspired activities (age 3-5)

Here is what we have been up to in our Montessori Classroom this week.
This activity is an extension of the Sea World theme. Children are encouraged to draw shells from observation.
There is a story that goes with this activity about the ladybug who did not have any friends. Children make a pass with rice for the ladybug to find her dragonfly friend. Children are encouraged to sprinkle the rice within the lines.

Children pour water in the bowls with floating objects and then transfer them from one bowl to another using strainer.
Taking care of the plant.
Practical life activities.

Delicious practical life activity – grapes and watermelon kebabs

Australia flag colours sorting activity

Children enjoy sharing with their friend a cuppa – sweet social practical life activity

Preparing a banana snack.
Shell transferring activity

Threading activity

Vegemite spread activity

There you go! I hope you were inspired! 🙂

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