Montessori Focus: Land & Water Activity

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I am starting a new Series of Montessori Focus. The purpose is to share my experience in the Montessori classroom from 3-5. Every Montessori classroom has beautiful and attractive materials to engage children and I would like to share with you my “spin” on Montessori lessons and hope my experience will be helpful to you.

Teaching about Land and Water (The Globe 1)
Learning objectives:
–  We live on the planet Earth and it is round
–  The Earth is covered with Land and Water
–  Majority of the Earth is covered with Water – Oceans
–  Identify continent of child’s location on the Globe
Show child the Earth and explain that this is our planet where we live. Glide your hand on the surface of the Globe and explain that the Earth has two main parts – Water and  Land. The rough, brown part is called Land and blue, smooth part is called Water. Allow the child to glide his or her hand and feel the land and water. Ask the child what covers majority of the planet – water or land. Draw child’s attention to the fact that ocean covers majority of the Earth. Ask the child if he or she knows where we live and point to the location on the Globe.
Extension activities:
1.Photo display with photos of the Earth from the Space
2.Sorting pictures of water and land.
Craft 1:
cut brown and blue straps of paper and
offer children to glue them on the picture of the Earth
Craft 2:
Colour in the Earth: land with brown and water with blue colours.
Click here to find out how to make DIY Montessori Globes
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